Personal Care Kit

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Personal Care Kit

Kit Includes #MyMask -Face Mask
#NTKR A -No Touch Key Ring
#SCM -Mask Extender
#1OZ SAN -1oz Sanitizer
#PS -Paper Soap
Kit comes in Clear Plastic Bag with zipper

Product Size
MyMask:7" L x 5" H, 1ozSan:3.54" H x .984" W, SCM:7" L x 7/8" W x 1/8" Thick, NTKR A: 3" L x 1 1/4"

Additional Information
MyMask: Main Imprint 4" w x 3" h, Second Imprint: 2" w x 2" h, 1ozSan: 1.05” w x 1.125”h, SCM:2.5” W X .5” H, PS:1.25” W x .5” H, NTKR A:2.5 W x 1.25 H on the side, .25 W x .375 H at the bottom, PS: 2" W x 3" H